Engaging in sporting activities comes with a lot of benefits particularly to the health. It could serve as a form of exercise in other to keep fit and it is viewed as a helpful way of maintaining a balance to the physical condition of the body. However, there is a risk in neglecting the addictive effect partaking in such sporting activities can pose and it is important to be aware of the dangers that exist in involving in sports excessively.

It is usually difficult to understand and be aware addiction to sports is real because there are numerous positive benefits one can obtain from it. There is always a compulsive need to exercise notwithstanding one’s health, relationships and other valuable commitments in life. Although the word addiction is known to be a negative tendency but recently, medical practitioners and therapists have started using the word sports addiction.

A research has been taken to find out the feelings that are attached to engaging in sports by athletes. Many have spoken of the intense sensations they acquire from doing sports. The high emotional and psychological responses they receive after completing any sporting activity is similar to that obtained with substance abuse.

The stress level connected with sports does not give an athlete enough time to heal or recover from a previous sporting activity. There is a need for regular work out and training in other to stay fit. Also, the demands that comes with sporting can prove detrimental to the health and well-being of the athlete. At worst cases, sports addict experience anxiety and depression and even heart attacks.

In addition to the physical damage caused by sporting addiction, there are also psychological implications of being a sport addict. Issues might arise from neglecting other commitments and responsibilities in preference to sports and this can lead to emotional trauma in the long run. Although, sport is known to be an activity used to improve mental and physical well-being, there is need to be a balance with other aspects of life that is connected with your welfare as a person.

People who participate in sports have a lot to gain such as enhanced health fitness, reduces the risk of mental disorders and other psychological problems. But those who go to the extreme and overwork the body probably because they are obsessed with sport can be regarded as sport addicts. The damage attached to being a sport addict is a huge setback because one will not see the positive benefits that the game brings but a means to attain excellence and perfection.