Common Sports Addictions

widespread common sports addiction

There are a variety of sports that people become obsessed with, but there are some sports addictions that are more universal than others. Below is a list of some of the most common global sports obsessions.

  • Baseball is mostly central to the United States, although it is being seen in Japan and several other countries around the world more and more. It is known as one of the great American traditions and people of the United States become very invested in it, especially during playoffs and World Series times. Baseball, along with football and basketball, are considered the three sports of choice in America. Often called the “thinking man’s game,” baseball is slower moving than some of the other popular sports.
  • Basketball is an internationally celebrated sport that originated in the United States of America and spread to a great many corners of the world, including the Philippines, South America and parts of Africa. It is celebrated as one of the big three popular sports in the United States, along with football and baseball. Basketball arguably calls for the most agility and quick thinking of the big U.S. sports.
  • Football, as defined by Americans, is the highest grossing sport in the United States. Superbowl Sunday, the climax of the football season, is treated like a holiday throughout North America, with businesses closing early to participate in. Food sales sky rocketing in honor of this occasion to support parties and other events.
  • Hockey, the favorite sport of Canadians, is a northern tradition set on ice. While hockey is big in Canada and the United States, it is considered a source of national pride for Canadians. There is no game that captures the hearts and imaginations of Canadians more than hockey. It is also Canada’s biggest money making sport as people clamor over attendance of the championships, finals and Stanley Cup of the National Hockey League.
  • Soccer is considered by far the most popular sport around the globe. There is no other sport as internationally beloved as soccer. From South America to Europe and beyond, soccer draws the biggest crowds and the loyalist following of all professional sports.