Obsessed with Sports

sports addictedSports fanaticism is commonly observed in our culture. In fact, it is completely socially acceptable to be a self proclaimed sports nut and live a life invested into sports trivia, attendance, competitions and memorabilia. Sports is a global pass time and is meant to be enjoyed, but can there be such a thing as taking it too far? Many people who have been subjected to sports fanaticism would say indeed yes. When sports enthusiasm begins to resemble obsession or addiction, it is time to take a step back and observe one’s own behavior.

A sports fanatic who has taken their obsession too far will be overly involved in the world of sports. If the person is able bodied, chances are they frequently play sports. Whichever sport or sports they are devoted to, they are unlikely to ever miss a game. They attend games in person or watch them at home on the television, often with other sports fanatics. Their favorite conversation is sports and they tend to predictably bring sports into every conversation. They often spend a fortune collecting sports memorabilia, and spend a significant amount of time memorizing sports trivia.

Being overly emotional about sports is a common attribute of sports obsession. Extreme emotions should be reserved for major life events, both good and bad. A sports maniac, however, will have emotional responses to sporting events that will be disproportionate, and will equate to major personal events. This can become very stressful and grating on the people in close proximity of the individual. Becoming emotional over things that do not warrant strong emotions is a sign of immaturity.

Another trademark of sports fanaticism is negligence of personal responsibilities due to over involvement with sports. Being a fan of sports is harmless, but being a fanatic uses time, money and energy that is often better spent on more meaningful things. Personal responsibilities that are neglected may include work, school, personal relationships or other life obligations. Keeping up with this can be very damaging on your professional standing, how secure your friends and family feel with you and on your own perception of yourself.